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Make a Lap Desk

with a Wooden Top

Being a full-time blogger means that your laptop is your best friend 99% of the time. See how I made this wood top laptop desk to make my days easier and more comfortable.

After making one of these for my future mother-in-law and my fiancée, I decided to make a lap desk for myself. Using some 1/4″ plywood, foamboard, and upholstery foam, this easy wood top lap desk is a great afternoon project. This project can be customized for any size lap/laptop simply by cutting you material larger. Below is an overview of steps, I used, to make my “Glued-N-Screwed” lap desk.

  • Using a round over bit in a router, I rounded every edge of the sanded plywood in order to make it smoother and more comfortable. After sanding it again I used tack cloth to pick up any loose dust or sanding material left behind. This step will prepare you to finish the top however you’d like — stain, paint, whitewash, etc.
  • Using the plywood top as a template, cut your foamboard (3/16″ to 1/4″) to size. Then, using either as a template mark your upholstery foam (I used 2″) and then cut to size with a long razor knife.
  • To measure your fabric, simply stack the foamboard and the foam on top of your fabric and pull around allowing for about a 1″ over hang. This will give you enough material to pull taut and staple.
  • After stapling, I used Liquid Nails Ultra Quick Grip to adhere the foamboard to the plywood. Using a scrap piece of I-Beam as a weight, I “clamped” everything together for 24 hours to ensure that the two pieces were stuck together.

In just an afternoon you can make a lap desk that is both functional and practical. Being fully customizable, you can make lap desks like this one for your friends, family or loved ones.

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