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Part 3 of Truck Week

Backing up a pickup truck can suck at times, but not with the 12 LED power of the Reverse Cree Lights from!

Due to the fact that a truck’s reverse lights are much higher than a normal cars’, backing up can be difficult at times. In order to alleviate this headache, has come out with 6 LED Cree LED reverse lights. These Cree LED reverse lights are the essential accessory for your F-150 and are ideal for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, yet effective, modification.

Using the F150LEDs YouTube Installation Video, I was able to wire my lights up in less than 45 minutes. My only [small] complaint is the fact that the quick connect didn’t really like going through the thicker ground wire. It had no issue with the reverse wire, but for the ground wire, I had to splice it in manually. Fortunately, after electrical tape and some plastic hose cover, no one can tell and everything is protected.

I ended up pointing my Cree LEDs down and out so as to illuminate the ground out around the truck and not directly behind me where I can not see anyway. Below, you can see them lit up and the sheer amount of light they put out. The greatest part? Because they’re tied into the trailer harness, they come on automatically when you put the truck in reverse.

Got my #Cree LED reverse lights installed. Thanks to, I can now see when backing up!

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For less than $75, this is one of the best, easiest, and least expensive modifications that you could get for your truck. Additionally, you’ll now have the ability to see when you’re backing up… and that’s always nice! Get yours at

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