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Men’s Valet Box & Arrow Pin Nailer

When it came time to do some intricate nailing in order to build myself a valet box, Arrow answered the call with the perfect pin nailer.

This little project started with a brief idea and a need to store all the things I carry in my pockets. At then end of the day, when it’s time to empty my pockets, the corner of my nightstand just wasn’t cutting it. After doing some research online, and not finding one that would suit my needs, I set out on building my own.

I acquired all the necessary wood materials from the “hobby wood” section of my local Michael’s Crafts store and with less than $20 in materials, I set out to build myself a valet box. The top lid and the bottom of the box are made from 1/4″ birch plywood and the dividers and tray rests are made from basswood. The box is roughly 12″ x 9″ and instead of having a lid, I decided to make a divided tray which would allow for easier access to my things.

After gluing and pinning the box together, it was time to do the tray lid. The first thing I did was to drill the hole for my finger which I’ll use to remove the lid to get to my watches and change. Granted, this will be different for everybody, but for the lid, I played around with the layout and tried to figure out a reverse “load order” in order to figure out the best way to put things in the lid. One thing I did end up doing, not by accident was, putting the right pocket things on the right side of the lid and the left pocket things on the left side of the lid. The top two dividers on the lid contain things that go in all pockets, so they’re up at the top. Honestly, you’ll just have to play with it to figure out which layout will work best for you.

To finish my valet, I used the One Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home. This unique paint made for a durable finish while providing a nice pop of color necessary for my side of the bed. After two coats of the Frankly Scarlet One Step Paint, I used Dark Wax and Light Wax and then finished it off with Dust of Ages to give it character and age. One thing of note: I found that I liked “flicking” the dust onto the box worked better than actually “brushing” it into the corners and what not.


Arrow PT23G 23 Gauge Pin Nailer
No pneumatic tool collection would be complete without a pin nailer. This headless nail gun will shoot up to a 1″ pin and is perfect for “filling the gap” of things you can’t do with an 18 or 16 gauge finish nailer.While it might seem like a feminine tool, I can assure you that this little nail gun packs just the right amount of punch necessary for smaller jobs. One feature I was quite fond of about this nail gun was the double trigger mechanism. While I was initially confused by it, being used to larger framing guns and the ilk, I really liked it. Additionally, the adjustable exhaust meant that I wasn’t blasted in the face every time I fired a pin. For the price point and the quality construction, you won’t be disappointed. Overall, I give this little nail gun a solid 5★’s!

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