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Amy Howard at Home Blogger Event

About a month ago, I was invited to the Amy Howard at Home HQ, here’s what I did and how I did it.

The Facility:

Set in the heart of Memphis, TN, lies the headquarters of Amy Howard at Home. Back in early November a select group of bloggers were invited to the facility for a hands on training session and demonstration. While we certainly did not cover the entire product line, we certainly touched on a lot of them. Below, you’ll find some step-by-step images of all the Amy Howard products we used at the Amy Howard at Home Blogger Event.

One Step Paint & Mica Waxing:

One Step Paint on fabric is a great way to add some pizzaz to your piece or dress up an existing piece. While the adhesive stencil was the least fun part of the entire project, I was pleased with the end results. Additionally, the One Step Paint did not leave the fabric hard or inflexible, which is nice. Personally, I wasn’t terribly fond of the particular Mica Powder waxing that we did, I think with another color combination, it could be a terrific finish — perhaps a dark navy or sunflower yellow.


Gilding was pretty darn cool! Amy Howard sells the leaf in a few types including gold, silver and copper and it’s an awesome way to add a high class effect to your work. Overall, the gilding was very easy to apply. After waxing and a quick poilsh with some 000 steel wool, it was ready to shine.


Arguably, my favorite finish we did that day, Zinc is an aging finish designed for galvanized sheet metal. This solution gives that wonderful outdoor-worn look and can be fine tuned to meet your desired aged preference simply by applying more. In the last picture you can see (left to right) the original, After Zinc, Waxed Zinc (top), Lime Waxed Zinc (bottom).

Toscana Milk Paint & Cracked Patina:

This milk paint and patina combination is reminiscent of old world Italy and was designed by Amy with that intention. With a little elbow grease and patience, the final result turned out pretty darn good, in my book.

Antiquing Solution:

This instant aging solution will definitely be seen in some of my upcoming projects.


Thought adding water droplets, a stencil and a few layers of paint, some really interesting effects were achieved. We did not do this one hands on, but Alex did a superb job at showcasing the possibilities of Lacquer.


You can find more information about Amy Howard at Home and find a retailer near you here.


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