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Yogabed 90+ Day “Living With” Review

Contractors, Builders, Tradesmen, and professionals alike all need a good nights rest, consider getting the revolutionary, chakra-aligning Yogabed.

Having lived with this unique mattress for the past few months, I can honestly say that it’s a product worth taking a few looks at. In the era of online availability and web-based purchases, it’s a daunting task to purchase something as large as a mattress online, but have no fear. I was first exposed to the Yogabed back at the Haven Conference, and I was instantly intrigued. My fianceé and I had been in the market for a new mattress for a while and, having had some hands-on time with it, I was confident in presenting it to her as an option.

We have a king-sized bed and, when the box arrived, it was hard to miss. Weighing in at over 100lbs, it’s not something you want to move often. Unwieldyness aside, I was surprised by how well the Yogabed was packaged. After the top packaging was removed, it was very obvious that someone planned it very well. Once the tough, fabric-like case is cut, the Yogabed will inflate itself to its full size in less than two minutes. It’s quite a sight.

The Yogabed‘s four-layered Yoga Comfort System, is comprised of a 1″ Yoga Instant Response Foam, 2″ Yoga Gel, 6″ Breathable Foam and a 1″ Support Base. The Yogabed also features a removable, zippered top cover and an optional mattress cover. For our review, we were also sent a pair of Yoga Pillows, and I must admit that I prefer mine a little more stiff, I’ve found the Yoga Pillow to be a great accessory pillow. The Yoga Pillow works better for me folded twice over.

After more than 90 days sleeping on the Yogabed, I can honestly say that we’ve never slept better. The bed is much cooler than any of its competitors that we’ve tried and we sleep more through the night than ever before. Additionally, we find ourselves missing our mattress when we travel and it’s something we look forward to returning to. I will say, the mattress took a lot of getting used to. I wouldn’t start passing judgement on in until 60 days or so. You won’t sleep well in the first few weeks, until your body gets used to it, but slowly, you’ll sleep better and better. As an added bonus, with the easily removed cover, it’s more sanitary and clean than other beds — a “win/win” for all.

Be sure the check out Yogabed on their website and learn more about the foam in the video below:

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