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Skilsaw Sidewinder Review

SPT 67 WL-01 7-1/4 In. Lightweight SIDEWINDER™ Circular Saw

Skilsaw, the name interchangeable with “circular saw,” proves why with this excellent Sidewinder saw.

For over 90 years, when people ask for a circular saw, they always ask for a Skilsaw — and for good reason. The Skilsaw is a brand and product that has earned it’s keep for many generations. I bet everyone and anyone can remember their grandfather, or even great grandfather using a Skilsaw. This is not by accident.

Part of the new line up of Magnesium saws from Skilsaw, the Skilsaw Sidewinder is no exception to the above philosophy. Inspired by the Wormdrive system that put Skilsaw on the map, this 7 1/4″ saw is a perfect example of the more traditional-style circular saw we’re all used to seeing. The True Grip handle is very comfortable and is perfectly placed for long usage. I was also fond of the smaller “nub” handle towards the front of the saw.

One of my biggest pet peeves with a circular saw is the guard. I know that there has to be a guard, but why must the majority of one’s I’ve come across be so bad. Nothing is worse than when the guard stops you up from your cut and you have to back it up and lift it manually. I’ve even seen many people wire ’em up or tie them up so that they never have to worry about it. Granted, it makes the saw more dangerous than a cocked shotgun, but it’ll do the trick. Have no fear with the guard on the Skilsaw Sidewinder. Their guard is not even noticeable when cutting, it just glides up as if being pushed my a feather. This was a huge selling point for me and a big reason why this saw has stayed in the arsenal since receiving it.

If you’re in the market for a new Skilsaw, look no further than the Skilsaw Sidewinder SPT 67 WL-01. For more information and technical specs on the saw, check out their site.  You can also see a short video of my using it on tin roofing below.

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