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Ryobi AirStike Family Reviewed

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With the nailer industry moving closer and closer to cord-free, it’s easy to get confused about what’s what and who’s who. Allow me to clarify why I’ve chosen the lime green antics of the amazing Ryobi AirStrike family.

For this review, rather than talking about them all individually, I’d like to just cover them all at once, because they’re all amazing tools and deserve to be covered as a group rather than by themselves. In the months that I’ve had the AirStike family of nailers, I’m happy to say that I’ve used all of them and have enjoyed using each and everyone for their particular purpose.

Ryobi was one of the first mainstream tool manufactures to release cordless nail guns and it’s clear to me that they took a lot of time thinking about it before releasing them tools. Even little things like belt clips, lights and different firing modes make using these nail guns very easy and user friendly. In the words of our PRO, Ron, “If you’re going to put a light on it, make sure it works.” Clearly, Ryobi thought the same thing with their dual-sided approach to lighting their AirStrike tools. I happen to agree completely with our PRO — the way these air guns light up the work surface means that any user is able to see exactly where they want to put a nail.

As previously mentioned, today is shoe mould day on the job site. #ryobination

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The Ryobi AirStrike guns have yet to let me down in any instance and I feel as though I’ve definitely put them through their paces. From beadboard to trim, plywood to OSB and hardboard, these tools haven’t given the slightest inclination that they’re not jobsite ready. The only tiny issue, which really isn’t that big of a deal is sometime you might notice that the plunger [that actually pushes the nail] sticks a little bit causing it not to re-cycle. Simply pop the front open and put a few dabs of tool oil on the track and it’ll be good as new. It’s a quick fix and with the oil that I carry in it’s bag, it results in almost no downtime.

Overall, each AirStrike is comfortable, lightweight (for what it is) and pretty maneuverable — able to fit in tight spaces and corners easily. With the big One+ Lithium Ion battery, I’m able to get about a day, on average, depending on usage of battery life. Honestly, for the price, the quality, and performance, you can’t go wrong with any of the AirStrike tools and no matter which one(s) you end up with, you’ll be glad that you made the move to cord-free.

I’m loving that my new 15ga #AirStrike is almost larger than my new One+ Mater Saw.

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All photos taken with the FujiFilm X-E2 (18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses)

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