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A Stiletto Hammer Trio Reviewed

TBM14RMC, TI14MC-16 and TI16SC

When it comes to swinging a hammer, there are so many that you could swing. In terms of productivity, efficiency and style, look no further than the titanium titan that is Stiletto.

Sure, there are thousands of hammers out there, and so many in the world that are readily available. But, when it comes to swinging the hammer of the pro’s, there’s only one and that’s Stiletto. Swinging a Stiletto hammer is kind of like swinging your dads or grandfathers hammer, but designed my a fresh out of college greenhorn with ample resources. What I mean is, the handle and the feel itself feels like an old hammer that your dad or grandad would of used, but the head and everything are brand spankin’ new. It’s pretty cool, actually.

The two hickory hammers above, the TI16SC and TI14MC-16, are probably what one thinks of when you say the word “hammer.” That said, they [Stiletto] have really done a great job making these hammers unique among the rest in the marketplace. Like the FH10C I reviewed a while back, the and TI14MC-16 are solid hickory handled and utilize a metal wedge to keep the head in place. THey also feature milling on the claws to reduce weight while not sacrificing strength. They each feature a magnetic nail set and straighter claws for a wider pulling range. Quite honestly, I don’t have a preference between these two. In fact, I like having them both so that way if I want to switch faces, I can simply pick up a different hammer. The smooth face on the heavier TI16SC is a little weird — you’d think that you’d want a lighter hammer for smoother face applications. Having a smooth face on a big hammer does come at a price though, while it does prevent marring up your work surface, it does mean that you can slip off the nail head more easily. On the other hand, the lighter, 14oz TI14MC-16 is a lot less likely to slip off a nail head, but may require just a tad more oomph to sink a nail. You can’t go wrong with either.

Now for a horse of a different color. The TBM14RMC TiBone MINI, is a delightfully small version of it’s older brother the TiBone II. Don’t let it’s petiteness deter you, it’s still more than capable of doing what you need it to do. In fact, this one slowly eeked up to becoming a favorite because it seemed like the perfect harmony between weight, style and function. While I love my TiBone II, it’s a little heavy for it’s size and a little long. The MINI is nice because unlike the hickory models the weight is more evenly distributed and it’s shorter length is nice for tighter spaces.

As I’ve said before and as I’m sure I’ll say again, Stiletto hammers are some of the best in the business and whether you swing a hammer day in and day out or just want to not buy a hammer ever again, a Stiletto is by far and large the best way to go.


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