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Senco PC1010N Compressor Review

For punch list projects, pinning, or light trim work, don’t haul around more than you need. The Senco PC1010N is ideal for all those jobs and more.

Sometimes you just need a little air power to get through a quick “to-do-list”, or perhaps to inflate a ball for the kids, or you’re doing a pinner project and a big compressor is overkill. Those types of jobs is where the Senco PC1010N really comes into it’s own. At only 21lbs and 68 dBA, this 1/2HP compressor is guaranteed not to disturb anyone around you in the work area. The Senco PC1010N also cranks out 135 PSI, making it more than capable of running a brad nailer or pinner with ease. Additionally, since it’s Senco, you know it’s a quality product that’ll last a lifetime.

I’ve taken this little compressor on all sorts of jobs. Even if I just need a separate compressor to run an air blower, this one is perfect. For most, it might seem counterintuitive to want smaller, but a compressor of this size really fills the gap that other, larger, 6-gallon compressors have. The Senco PC1010N is easily placed in the back of a truck, behind a seat or even in a job box. While I’d always recommend tying it down during transport, the rugged exterior of the PC1010N is certainly capable of taking a [light] beating.

To hear how loud the PC1010N isn’t, check out the video below:

All photos taken with the FujiFilm X-E2 (18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses)

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