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Bosch 3725DEVS 5″ Random Orbit Sander

Barrel Grip. Front Nubbin. And a great dust filter. What more could you want out of a random orbit sander?

When it comes to long periods of sanding, regular style R.O. (random orbit) sanders can get uncomfortable. Not this work horse. The Bosch 3725DEVS, 5″ RO sander is designed for long sanding periods in mind. I really like the way the barrel grip is designed and the front nub (not sure what else to call it) is a great place to put your other hand.

The 3725DEVS features six (6) speed settings as well as a “hold” button which will lock the trigger. The trigger lock is really nice for those larger projects when you’re working your way through the grits. Prior to getting my dust collection vacuum, I used the included air filter. I found that the on-board air filter really trapped a lot more particles than I was expecting and I was thankful for that. Now, with the help of the included vacuum attachment, I just hook it up to my dust collector and it’s perfect.

The 3725DEVS has the 8 hole hook & loop pad which is ideal for those universal sanding pads and other one size fits all discs. To expound upon my dust collection comment above, the caveat is that you must align the holes in the pad with the holes in the sanding disc.

The one little complaint that I do have, which, if you look at it, may seem obvious, is this is not ideal for any sort of tight spaces. I’m not talking about Dremel-type spaces, but even large shelves, book cases, etc. It is a large sander and, as such, it needs it space. If your sanding a table top, a door, or panels you’re about to assemble, then you’ll be thrilled with it, but, it can quickly outgrow it’s surroundings.

Overall, the 3725DEVS has been my absolute go-to sander for the past month or so and I have been constantly surprised with it. You can see how it’s plowing through the varnish on the barndoor below. I’d definitely recommend adding this Sultan of Sanding to your tool collection.



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