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Hobart Champion 145 Generator/Welder Review

The “best of both worlds” is a phrase often misused. Not in this case. The Hobart Champion 145 Welder/Generator is the power house you need with the extra spark for welding on the go.

Let us get the specifics out of the way: It’s heavy. There’s no way around it. At 216lbs, its a challenge even for the toughest of guys. The Champion 145 features 4,500 watts of surge generator power, 4,000 watts of continuous generator power and a 145 amp DC welder.

Size aside, the rolling gear does help with the maneuverability of the Champion 145. While it obviously handles smooth concrete easier, the Champion 145 handles rough terrain and grass really well due to the large wheels provided. It was really nice to be able to roll it out of the shop [with the 50ft leads] and be able to run the welder outside while I weld inside.

For DC welding, it’s pretty incredible. Having done a lot of research on stick welders and the process itself, I enjoyed the performance the Champion 145 put out and how it maintained the power. In my first times with the Champion 145, I was pleased with how easy it was to strike an arc, and maintain it.

As far as running it, have no fear. The interface on the front is very user-friendly and labeled well. The only little thing that may be difficult to find is the gas lever on the underside of the unit just in front of the motor itself. The front also features 4 GFCI outlets and the control dial for welding amperage.

**Thing of note: If you want to hook up the generator to your home in case of power outage or natural disaster, you’ll need to purchase a Transfer Switch Kit and have it installed by a trained, licensed professional. The Champion 145 can be found, and purchased at Tractor Supply and select Northern Tool stores.

Overall, if you’re in the market for the helping this handy Hobart can dish out, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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