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Don’t be a Cheap Ass — Buy Good Caulk.

An ode to Dynaflex 230

That queazy feeling when you turn down the paint aisle? The feeling of your mental gears grinding to a halt? The shuffling of your feet as you pace back and forth trying to make a decision? Allow me to make your life easier, buy the good stuff.

Sure, it’s easy to “save a buck or two” on the front end, but you’ll end up losing money in the long run. Think of it like this: Caulk (i.e. Dynaflex 230) is your final touch to most any project and your first line of defense for moisture. It’s your “first string men”, your “first wave.” As the D-Day invasion of water heads towards the corners of your tub or sink, who do you want protecting you and your home? The runner up? I didn’t think so.

Dynaflex 230 is specifically designed for indoor and outdoor applications and can hold up to the toughest of demands. It’s unique composition allows it to be constantly flexible and ideal for most sealing needs you have — doors, windows, baths, etc.

Pardon my soapboxing for a moment and ponder this scenario: You just hired a professional contractor to re-do your bathroom. It’s been two months of nothing but headaches, revisions, permit pulling, and dust in the house. The moment has finally come for punchlist work and “caulking the bathroom” is on the list. Would you rather him/her bring in Dynaflex 230, a brand you’ve seen in your local big box retailer, or BOB’s Super Caulk? When doing any home improvement project, it’s important to hold yourself up to the standard that you would someone you hire. Dynaflex is used by pros and you’d hire a pro, so you should use it too.

As with any chemical compound, please read the label and make sure that the parameters of your project fall within the abilities of the Dynaflex 230 product. Most complaints are when customers expect too much out of a product (i.e. “expecting a miracle cure”) or are asking the product to do more than it’s designed for. So, next time, keep those butterflies at bay, keep the mental gears spinning and plant your feet, because you didn’t skimp.


As an added bonus, check out this video from my plant tour back in June:

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