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The Glued-N-Screwed Promise:
Each and every product that is featured is throughly tested to ensure that it is a quality product. If a particular product does not live up to expectations then it is not featured. Only products that we believe in are featured/promoted. Everything written about a particular product is my own opinion and perspective. On some occasions the supporter does have the opportunity to review the post before it “goes live,” but only to review technical or factual data.  Bottom line: I’m not going to recommend anything I wouldn’t/won’t use myself.


Image Editing Software:
Adobe Photoshop is utilized by Glued-N-Screwed in order to highlight certain areas, adjust lighting, and blur out serial numbers,etc. All changes to photos are for aesthetic or privacy reasons only and not meant to deceive or trick the reader in any way.  The Glued-N-Screwed Photoshop action can be downloaded by clicking the icon on the left.



Glued-N-Screwed Media Kit
Complete with demographic information, site stats and social media analytics, our media kit can be downloaded by clicking the icon on the left.


Want your product reviewed?
Would you like Glued-N-Screwed to review your product? Put it to the test? Beat the crap out of it? I’d be happy to do so. All products that “pass the test,” so to speak will receive the Glued-N-Screwed “Approved” Logo for their promotional/social purposes. Please feel free to email me at


At this current point in time, Glued-N-Screwed does not accept offers for paid ad space. Although you will see ads on the site, those ads are run and operated by WordPress. That said, you will see, on some posts, a “Sponsored” logo. That logo, as mentioned on the Supporters Page, symbolizes that particular company has sent Glued-N-Screwed the product for review/testing.

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