Helpful Tool Compilation 3

BernzOmatic MAP Gas Blowtorch
This torch from BernzOmatic is a MAP gas torch kit that is absolutely incredible! Burning at roughly 3,730°F, this torch will make quick work of any flame-required project. I, personally, prefer the MAP gas as, I feel, it burns cleaner and hotter that propane. For more information on the uses of MAP gas and other BernzOmatic torches, check out this Practical PDF.

Quickloader Straps
Forget all you’ve ever known about ratchet straps! Quickloader straps eliminate the need to feeding on end in and getting another end tangled up. Another added bonus is that these straps have no excess to deal with, it all contained in the reel mechanism. Incredibly easy to use and a real innovative product, these Quickloader straps are perfect for any occasion.

3-IN-1 Lock Dry Lube
No one likes a sticky lock. 3-IN-1, a leader in lubricity, recently released their one of a kind dry lubricant for locks. Sure, there are other lubricants out there for locks, but few are completely dry. This is great, because now there’s no messy residue to clean up afterwards.

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