Triton TA1200BS Belt Sander Review

When I started shopping for a belt sander for an upcoming cedar/metal stool project, I remembered my good friends over at Triton Tools from IWF last year. The Triton TA1200BS 3″x 21″ belt sander is a giant amongst giants when it comes to belt sanders. This 63 square inch belt sander is ideal to any large scale material removal job you may need.

*Be Warned: You can remove a lot of material very quickly with a belt sander, take it slowly and monitor your progress often.

The Triton TA1200BS had many features that I desired over the other sanders I found including an adjustable bar-style handle, bench mounting hardware, and a “stay on” button. The adjustable bar-style handle is easy to adjust with the flick of a lever and adjusts in seconds according to where you’d like it. I prefer mine to be set at a rough 45º angle. As an added bonus, the TritonTA1200BS also features bench mounting hardware to secure it upside down. That, in junction with the “stay on” button allows this sander to become a semi-fixed bench top belt sander. As an aded bonus, the TA1200BS has one of, if not the best, dust collection bags I’ve ever seen. Not only does it work, but it works very well. (Note: I did not use the bag when sanding metal as to prevent accidental fire) You’ll also discover that belt changes are a breeze and done simply by pulling out the handle in between the rollers (seen in the last image)

As I mentioned in my warning above, you can go from just right to way too much very quickly with a belt sander. Outfitted with a 50 grit belt, this sander will plow through material faster than you think. Additionally, be warned that the magnesium frame does get quite warm when used for an extended period of time.

Like the Beatles, this British invasion of tools is a welcomed addition to the American tool line up. Triton offers a desirable range of professional grade tools and workbench solutions for the advanced level DIY’er or professional.

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